Beautiful Heart Touching Quotes & Sayings

I am not your heart – but I miss you
I am not your family – but I care for you
I am not your blood,
But I am ready to share your pain
I am your Stupid Friend…

At some point
You have to realize that….
Some people can stay in your Heart,
But not in your Life.

You can replace me…
But you can’t replace
The memories
You had with me…

When I close my eyes
I see you…
When I open my eyes
I miss you…

Today beautiful “Moments” are
Beautiful “Memories”

For every success of a Person,
There will be a
Countless pain in his Heart.
And that pain makes him
A successful person in Life.

Simple Bye makes us Cry
Simple Joke makes us Laugh
Simple Care makes us fall in Love
Simple Touch makes us feel Better
But I hope
Simple “Hi” makes you “Smile”.

Heart never miss Blood
Fish never miss Water
Flower never miss Honey
Earth never miss Rain
My small Heart never miss

Expression of Eyes
Can be read by Anyone…
But depression of Heart can read only Someone…
Those are best one.
So, You are best one.

A good message for a good person,
From a good friend for good reason,
At a good time on a good day…
In a good mood to say
Good Night.

A negative mind…
Will never give you
A positive Life.

Stop worrying about
What you have to Loose…
Start focusing on
What you have to Gain…
Forget what is happened
Start a new Life…

Sun is upset and
Moon is Happy…
Because Sun in missing you,
And Moon in gonna be with you
For the rest of night…

If 5 seconds of smile can makes
A Photograph more beautiful…
Then just imagine
If you keep always Smiling,
How beautiful your Life will be…


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